teresa brayshaw



Testimonials from people who have undertaken coaching with Teresa…


'I have experienced a real shift in clarity in my relationship with my new professional environment. I also feel much more aware about my role in the choices I make. I know I can be in control of my ‘work life'.


'I felt that through the three sessions you led me on a journey and helped unearth some strong feelings and thoughts that I hadn't been aware of - and once brought to the surface big things started to shift.'


'Thank you Teresa from the bottom of my heart for those coaching sessions - and what a big difference they have made at such a crucial time.'


'Thanks Teresa for working with me. It's really helped me to be positive and proactive about work.'


'I loved your style of coaching, you have a fantastic way of making me feel positive and focused.  Your ideas and approach on getting me to think about reaching my goals were really inventive and unique.'



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